Experience Gourmet Dining at Arya at DeBary Senior Living



Sensory Focused Gourmet Dining

At Ayra at DeBary, the dining experience is more than just a meal; it’s an opportunity to socialize, engage the senses, or have stimulating discussions. Residents receive delicious and nutritious meals, lovingly prepared for enjoyment, health, and wellness. We take pride in delivering culinary plans with a multi-sensory approach for our memory care and assisted living residents. Our chef creates inspired menus full of flavor, color, and nutritious ingredients to satisfy a variety of palates.

Dine with Dignity at Arya at DeBary

Stree-free living at Arya at DeBary includes meal preparation, as well as easing the challenges that mealtime and eating can present to those with memory impairments. Our restaurant-style dining rooms offer a visually appealing and aromatic dining experience. Meals are prepared on-site by our talented chefs, providing a variety of flavors to encourage a hearty appetite. Our chefs are also trained in and understand special diets, food allergies, and religious preferences.

  • Cooking demonstrations and nutritional education
  • Garden-to-table with resident-planted herbs
  • Community and in-suite dining
  • Daily menu with a variety of options
  • Finger foods that promote independence

A Well Balanced Nutritious Diet is One of Our Top Priorities

No matter what age you are, good nutrition is essential for overall wellness. Arya at DeBary prioritizes delicious and balanced meals to maintain health and improve quality of life. Our assisted living residents don’t have to worry about preparing their meals and instead can focus on enjoying restaurant-style dining and grab-and-go snacks at their convenience.

Our residents in memory care often experience challenges with using silverware, chewing, and swallowing, or develop sudden food aversions. We understand these challenges and collaborate with families to identify the right dining setting for each resident to ensure that mealtimes are successful and enjoyable. Our staff ensure residents eat in a timely manner and are presented with nutritious, multi-sensory meals that fit residents’ unique dietary plans, preferences, and schedules.

Finger foods alleviate motor skill challenges

Purees and soft foods aid chewing and swallowing

Consistent schedule means no forgotten meals

Optimal nutrition reduces illness and weight loss